Patients that require a fixed bridge, removable denture, or other oral prosthesis may need surgery to ensure improved comfort and function. This kind of procedure is known as pre-prosthetic surgery.

Sometimes there is unfavorable bone growth in the roof of the mouth that calls for minor oral surgical procedures in order to accommodate the making of the prosthesis. If the anatomy of the jaw is insufficient for comfortably wearing a prosthesis, a procedure to build up the jaw or to place dental implants for improved comfort and stability may be necessary. A denture sits on the bone ridge, which means it is necessary for that bone to be the correct size and shape. The bone may need to be reshaped or smoothed out for the denture’s best fit.

One or more of the following procedures might need to be performed in order to prepare your mouth:

  • removal of excess bone
  • removal of excess gum tissue
  • bone reshaping or smoothing
  • bone ridge reduction
  • exposure of impacted teeth

We strive for the successful placement of a denture or other dental prosthesis and in order to achieve the best results, it is preferable to have an evaluation by both oral surgeon and restorative dentist in order to establish a treatment plan.